Choosing the Best Reception for Your Manitoba Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerChoosing the best kind of wedding reception?  Bingo!  There are many options that you can have for your Manitoba wedding reception.


1. Sit-downs.  This is the traditional wedding reception where you can have speeches and long merrymaking activities such as song tribute for the newlyweds, dances and many others.  You can do sit-down reception indoor or outdoor.


2. Cocktails.  Cocktails are modern and very elegant.  Many guests would definitely find it refreshing and is more budget-friendly than sit-downs.  Since this type of reception demands attention and focus on your guests, you need to plan the program well for the cake-cutting and the toasts to make everything smooth-sailing.


3. Picnics.  Picnic receptions are perfect picks for barn weddings and garden weddings.  It goes perfectly with nature and it’s casual and homey.  You can also prepare picnic games like croquet.


4. Simple Cake-cutting.  This option is not so fussy and can be done in a café or at your own home.



In choosing the reception for your wedding, you also need to consider its compatibility with your wedding theme.  You need to identify whether a sit-down, cocktail or picnic reception would fit to your idea of your wedding in general – are you the intimate newlyweds?  A modern pair?  Second point to remember is your wedding budget.  The last thing to consider is the availability of the location – the closer the wedding reception is to the venue of your wedding ceremony, the better.  You and your guests can save time since there is a little or no need at all to travel.

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