Making Unique Bridal Shower Ideas Happen in Winnipeg

Her Wedding PlannerBridal showers are like a preview to your wedding day. It could signal excitement and send your wedding a bar higher than most. Here are 3 unique ideas worth looking into to make your Winnipeg wedding a home run.


1. Indulge into a Yoga Shower

This one needs but very few preparations. Just book a yoga master or instructor ahead of time and you’re looking good already. Venue is not even a problem as you can do it right in the comfort of your abode. Of course, doing all the breathing in a traditional studio is also a great idea.

To top the session, you can whip ‘veggie snacks’ ready so your guests not only get to release the stress but also enjoy an invigorating snack. Yoga sessions provide a unique prelude to your wedding. It teaches stress-handling and get your head ready for your ‘big day’. Just don’t forget to master deep-breathing while chanting  ‘namaste’.


2. Explore a Bowling Shower

This one can get your guests active and sweaty while sharing all the fun. No need of extra decorations. Just book your nearest bowling alley.

Bowling is a great sport. No need of fine skills to enjoy the game. It’s just a matter of throwing a ball into one direction. With a round of beer and pizza,  your guests will be asking for more in no time.


3. Pamper Your Guests with a Spa Shower

Now here’s another wonderful treat. Who would not want to be pampered? A spa is like a health genie as you come out of it infinitely lighter and de-stressed.

A little warning though: Facials maybe a gamble too many especially if your wedding is fast approaching.  Unless, of course, your guests want to look blotchy in the photo-ops.

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