Making Your Wedding Receptions a Memory to Last

Her Wedding PlannerThis is no time to wear a long face; your wedding is a time for rejoicing. Here are tried-and-tested methods to make your wedding reception in Winnipeg truly amazing making your guests say “wow” and proud to be there.


Create an Atmosphere of Fun

–        Accentuate your reception with balloons. They fill the air with fun and excitement. A balloon arch can be most astounding placed over your head table.

–        Utilize tissue bells. With a rainbow of many colors you can make them match your color scheme.

–        Garlands are most useful. They are not only inexpensive they can create an air of festivity.


Mind the Table

Tables are not only the place where everybody gather, these are a good place to create a mood of merrymaking.

–        Add life to your tables by donning them with colorful plastic covers and table skirts. As the piece where everybody settles, tables can easily create an atmosphere of excitement.

–        Make use of colorful table pieces (e.g., silverware, plastic cups) as these can make the mix all the more exciting

–        Lest we forget, utilize colorful napkins. Yes, they are a necessity but that does not discount as a work of art.


Create a Strong Center of Attraction

Don’t make light of your centerpieces as they can catch the eye like no other.

–        Candlelight can make your centerpieces stand out. Place them in a unique manner to attract excitement.

–        Sprinkle heart pieces all around as they can evoke a strong notion of romance.


These ideas are not only simple, they are easy to implement. With a little imagination you can make your receptions in Winnipeg not only eye-catching but a memory to last a lifetime.

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