Fun and Exciting Manitoba Wedding Mini-Moons

Her Wedding PlannerMany couples look forward for the post-wedding celebration – the Honeymoon!  It is when you finally have time as a newlywed couple and get to a place where you can relax, be intimate, and spend time together after the grueling wedding preparations.


Not all the time though that you can get to enjoy a long vacation or had a big chunk of savings left for your honeymoon.  But this doesn’t mean you are going to deprive yourself this amazing opportunity with your lifelong partner.  If time or budget deprives you of a honeymoon, get yourselves a mini-moon.  A mini-moon is a 3-4 days trip to a nearer location and can be as fun and exciting as a honeymoon with practical benefits.


  1. Financial benefits – it will not require you to spend much for transportation or need you to stay on an expensive hotel resort somewhere with expensive costs to enjoy the hotel resort activities.
  2. Time – work or business obligations that can’t be bargained for can limit options.  If this happens, discuss it with your partner and plan out together places that are enjoyable and time-friendly to both of you.  This is also a great time to start planning as a couple.
  3. More, more and more – just because mini-moons are shorter don’t mean they are less fun, less exciting and less memorable.  It could also be more places you can go to as a couple since budget to have one honeymoon is equal to three mini-moons.  It could also mean a prelude to the real honeymoon.
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