Gift Registry: To Have or Not to Have One?

Her Wedding PlannerSounds like having a gift registry for your Winnipeg wedding is not your cup of tea. But before you totally dish  the idea read on.


You only pass this way once. There may not be a time when people are so eager to give something than on your wedding day. In fact, more people give on weddings than birthdays.


Doing away with the gift registry can mean tons of undelivered gifts for you. On the practical side of it, you don’t get the same things that you already have right now.


Even if you and your mom have similar tastes for china ware for instance, this may not be true for kitchen utensils (e.g., knives, spoons, forks). And getting your word out in the registry can help you get the best results.


Registering is best for you. A visit to the store  should get things started. In a lot of ways, it’s like shopping but only better. You don’t actually pay for them. Get those things you need jotted down.


Including multiple price points should help fit the budget. And why not end up in but one store. Expand your choices. Get two or more stores. Your Maid of Honor (MOH) can surely help you with the announcements.


If after all, you still would not get registered, try doing one for your favorite charity. A kettle can go a long way in the hands of the impoverished for instance.


Yet you could still be unwilling to do it. How about for your honeymoon? Your Winnipeg wedding can sure use some wonderful nights together as a couple.


In the end, registering is just a methodical way to receive the better gifts – a fitting tribute to your blissful union.

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