Vital Steps Towards Your Destination Wedding

Ok. Save the high-jump and the shout, we know destination weddings awaken the high-spirits in you. But before you set yourself (all gung-ho) towards the far away location, pull yourself together and factor these key points.

Seriously.Destination weddings speak of untold adventure but careful careful, things could also spin out of control – in a foreign land. And set your finances ablaze. Read on.

1. Decide wisely. Fiji, Bahamas, Morocco, Timbuctoo. These are all nice places. However, find a destination that attracts the both of you. The internet can be of great help, so do friends who’ve been there.

2. Carve a budget. Factor your guests. How many are you going to invite? How much of your cash are you willing to part? Note that your wedding is but the first day of the rest of your life. Leaving your finances healthy could give you a strong running start.

3. Zero down on your guest list. This sounds easy but keeping everybody onboard could be a challenge. Remember, even if the money is ‘no problemo’, schedules may have to be worked out.

4. Scout for packages. Let the pros handle the details (e.g., wedding coordinator, hotel accommodations, transpo). Plus packages offer discounts for group tours. Huge!

5. Get your details right. Yes, the devil is in the details. So while months away, call your hotel and find someone who can guide you. Finding out the details is vital. You don’t want marriage requirements to bar you from getting wed – not when your needed documents are a thousand miles away.

In this regard, flying in ahead of everybody could be beneficial. At least, you know exactly what to work out before the crowd finds out – and start to complain of a dream gone haywire.

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